Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 4 Food Diary (6/12)

I turned this down day into an up day thanks to more snacking and bad planning. I had a bit of fiasco with making a new paleo/vegan sweet potato bread idea I had, because by the time it was out of the oven around 2, it wasn’t anywhere near set enough to eat. It was my planned breakfast so at this point I was both hungry, and desperate for my pre-allotted portion of health bread.

So I ended up making a quick microwave paleo bread recipe to make up for it… which ended up being higher calorie. I ate some of that, and then after the original bread had set, realized that one wasn’t such a disaster and had some of that too.

Then I had snack attacks with my dad and boyfriend.



  • Microwave bread + hazelnut butter: 430


  • Paleo sweet potato bread and cherries: 250
  • Coffee: 30


  • Black bean patty on a salad: 180


  • Cheese and crackers: 240
  • Chocolate biscuit: 65

Total: 1190  –   Burned 110

Net: 1080

  • Protein: 51g
  • Carbs: 70g
  • Water: 3.75L

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