Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 6 Food Diary (6/14)

Ooohh boy. Yesterday did not go so well. It all started when my mom brought home a dark chocolate Toblerone with two squares eaten, and told me to finish it off. I just couldn’t resist gorging myself, of course.

And then came the big pizza dinner followed by me baking a chocolate chip cookie cake for my boyfriend and his friends. I ordered a pesto pizza with tons of veggies and no cheese and was looking forward to my one restaurant meal of the week, when…

the waiter dropped it on his way to my table.

He apologized profusely and kept offering me a free soup or salad to eat while waiting for them to remake my pizza, which I politely declined–I didn’t want to add anything to my already calorific dinner, after all. Then the manager showed up with a salad anyway and said “I made it just for you.” So of course I had to eat some of it, but was able to split it with one of my friends.

The funny part is, I would have felt fine if I’d only had the salad–I didn’t feel like I was missing out at all, and didn’t feel hungry. It’s as if the restaurant was subliminally telling me to stop sabotaging my weightloss attempts when they did away with my pizza and replaced it with the salad.

Then the pizza came, so since my boyfriend had already kindly paid for it for me, I ate part of it. Then went home and made them the promised pazookie. And of course ate some… sadly it was a nonvegan day.

Thankfully I ended up right around maintenance, but still. I didn’t need that much food!



  • Strawberry rhubarb smoothie: 195


  • Coffee: 30
  • Cashew cheese on rice cake: 80


  • 3 small pizza slices: 695
  • 2/3 of a side salad: 130


  • Pazookie + ice cream: 370
  • Toblerone squares: 160

Total: 1655   –   Burned 100 (3500 steps)

Net: 1555

  • Protein: 45g
  • Carbs: 190g
  • Water: 3.3L


My (in)famous chocolate chip cookie cake (essentially a pazookie). So delicious, but so bad for the ol' waistline...
My (in)famous chocolate chip cookie cake (essentially a pazookie). So delicious, but so bad for the ol’ waistline…

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