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Week 1 Weigh In! (+ nutrition)

My starting weight 1 week ago was 116.5-117 pounds.

My weight today is… *Drumroll, please*


That’s 1.5-2 pounds in a week—perfectly on track with my goals. I’m so looking forward to this month of dieting being over (and more importantly, to have shed all that fat!) and to be able to eat at maintenance again! Hopefully it’ll take me a good long while before I start taking 1500 calories a day for granted again.

Nutrition goals & outcome:

  • Calories: 700 average per day // Eaten: 950 average (baby steps!)
  • Protein: 280g  //  Eaten: 399g
  • Iron: 85%*  //  Eaten: 65%
  • Vitamin A: 100%* //  Eaten: 170%
  • Vitamin C: 100%* //  Eaten: 160%
  • Fiber: 140g  //  Eaten: 172g
  • Water: 4L average per day // Consumed: 4L

*Percents are relative to the goals that MFP sets.

That iron is always a thorn in my side–regardless of my calorie count–since I eat almost entirely vegan. Luckily I do have my vitamins to fall back on (and take them every day), but I’d rather get more dietary iron. Looks like I’ll have to start incorporating more protein powder… and maybe plan some more soy and bean-rich meals for this week.

In other news, I just did a bunch of weighted squats and now my legs are all trembly. I’m a wimp, but it feels good!


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