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Wedding Part 2: Day 19 Food Diary (6/27)

We started off the day by going to an amazing little French bakery. They had a fantastic selection of coffees, pastries, sandwiches, soups, quiches, croque monsieurs, and more. My boyfriend and I went a bit crazy. We ended up splitting 2 pastries–chocolate brioche, and an almond-chocolate croissant–in addition to our own sandwiches. And I got a mocha. Yes, I binged.

Everything was incredibly delicious, but I wish the portions had been smaller. It was my fault for wanting to try too many things, though. I didn’t finish the sandwich, but the pastries were just impossible to resist!

The rehearsal dinner had almost no vegetarian options, because we went to a Chinese seafood restaurant where the bride’s father had ordered everything in advance to be brought out. There were about 20 different meat-laden dishes that were shared family-style on a lazy susan. Finally, after waiting about an hour and feeling like I could eat a plate–I had been running around all day and hadn’t eaten since that carb-loaded breakfast, which of course gave me a blood sugar crash–a vegetarian dish came out. It was slices of mushrooms on a bed of oily spinach. I was so desperate, I filled up my plate and dug in, though I couldn’t even finish all the spinach I served myself because of how oil-laden it was.

After waiting through another 10 meat dishes to be eaten by the table, we were served an odd, lychee-jello dessert that I ate because I assumed it would be the only dessert. Then, much to our surprise, one of my favorite foods of all time was served during the second dessert: mochi. It was filled with mango and covered in coconut. I just couldn’t say no despite how full I was!

Day 19: Rehearsal


  • Chocolate almond croissant and chocolate brioche: 410
  • Baguette with brie and vegetables: 785 (hopefully an overestimate)
  • Mocha: 150

Lunch: N/A


  • Sauteed spinach and mushrooms, plus a rice bun: 300
  • Mochi: 220

Total: 1870  –   Burned 295 (6400 steps)

Net: 1570

  • Protein: 61g
  • Carbs: 220g
  • Water: 4L
The breakfast mocha--unfortunately I was too busy binging to get any pictures when the food came out!
The breakfast mocha–unfortunately I was too busy binging to get any pictures when the food came out!

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