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Day 29 Food Diary (7/07)

Day 29 was my first day of returning to low carb. Back at school, I managed to drop weight pretty quickly with it, and I found my cravings much more under control. I’m hoping that by returning to my old low carb ways, I can kick my sweet tooth, as well as my binging and inappropriate appetite problems…

I had assumed it would be hard to detox from all the carb-loading I’ve been doing lately, but the day went amazingly well. I went to my best friend’s and my new favorite cafe, and I didn’t even feel the need to order from their giant selection of fabulous food! I just sipped my coffee for a few hours while studying, and didn’t experience any urges to gorge myself when my friend ordered a delicious looking sandwich.

That is seriously miraculous for me. Once I got home, I was hungry as a normal person would be (as opposed to just getting cravings like I usually do), so I ate half an avocado with cheese. This may not sound so amazing, but hear me out: usually when I get hungry, I intend to just have one thing, but it ends up turning into an out of control snack attack–or you could call it a mini binge session. This time, I ate what I intended, and then I felt satisfied. I always get a horrible urge to eat sweet after savory and vice versa, but this time, I actually resisted it and got back to studying!


  • Tofu scramble with mushrooms, celery, cauliflower, onions, spinach, and salsa in a lettuce wrap: 370


  • Sugar free iced latte with soy: 35


  • Avocado with cheese: 190


  • Homemade chocolate keto bites: 220
  • Tea with soy and coconut oil: 50

Total: 860  –   Burned 100  (4000 steps)

Net: 760

  • Net carbs: 22g  (17%)
  • Protein: 39g (17%)   |   Fat: 66%
  • Water: 3.5L
My iced coffee and her tea! Usually it's the other way around but I needed the extra caffeine today
My iced coffee and her tea! Usually it’s the other way around but I woke up inexplicably sleepy


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