Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 30 Food Diary (7/08)

Day 2 of low carbing. Sadly it’s almost impossible to do vegan and maintain truly low carbs; I can’t wait to get back into fulltime veganism while at school. Hopefully I’ll have lost most of the weight by then and be able to eat like a normal person!

But for now, it’s cheese, tofu, coconut oil, spinach, avocado, nut butters, and more cheese. Chocolate hazelnut butter makes up about 1/3 of my calories now… damn my sweet tooth. (Luckily it has relatively little sugar.)

It’s amazing how my cravings–besides those for chocolate hazelnut butter–have subsided so dramatically. I’m usually a fruit fiend, but I’ve hardly noticed that the only fruit I’ve had thus far is avocado… which doesn’t even really count as fruit to my taste buds.

Also, I finally let myself buy ketostix! I wanted to get them last time I did low carb but decided I shouldn’t unless I was sure it was something I’d be doing once in awhile. Couldn’t detect any ketones yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


  • Avocado with cheddar: 190


  • Keto microwave bread topped with avocado, cheese, tomatoes, and tofurkey: 460


  • Homemade keto chocolate bite: 80


  • Mascarpone with chocolate hazelnut butter: 470 (throughout the day)
  • Bite of leftover cinnamon roll: 110 (over-recorded)
  • Tea with soy: 40

Total: 1345  –   Burned 360  (9400 steps)

Net: 985

  • Net carbs: 37g  (18%)
  • Protein: 45g (13%)   |   Fat: 69%
  • Water: 4L


My keto-bread open face sandwich!
My keto-bread open face sandwich!

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