Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 32 Food Diary (7/10)

I had (rather miserable & biased) class all day, and by the time I got home, I just felt sick with no appetite. I didn’t want to move or do anything productive… I thought it was the “low carb flu” at first, but it cleared up the next day, so it was probably something else.

I forced myself to make a spinach dish and have a bite of coconut oil chocolate, but that’s all I could manage. Having no appetite is a strange experience for me–gotta love low carb!


  • Keto microwave bread with cream cheese, hazelnut butter, and cocoa: 480


  • Coffee with soy: 20
  • Tofurkey with cream cheese: 90


  • Sauteed spinach with garlic, aged cheddar, nutritional yeast, and mushrooms: 110


  • Tea with soy: 30
  • Bite of homemade coconut chocolate bar: 45

Total: 775  –   Burned 230  (7000 steps)

Net: 545

  • Net carbs: 24g  (18%)
  • Protein: 33g (16%)   |   Fat: 66%
  • Water: 4L
In case you can't tell, I love greens
In case you can’t tell, I love greens

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