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Day 33 Food Diary (7/11)

It was my boyfriend’s and my 3.5 year anniversary on the 11th, so he wanted to take me somewhere fancy to celebrate. Thankfully, by some twist of fate, he took me to one of the only places I’ve seen that has low carb options for vegetarians. It was a lovely Asian fusion restaurant that had an entire vegetarian menu, with a section just for 0 calorie (and essentially carbless) konnyaku noodle, aka shirataki, dishes. The dish I got was amazing–they tasted just like rice noodles, and it was vegan! I’ll be dragging him to this place more often.

We stopped by a place called “the chocolate bar” and picked up some chocolates and coffee, and I was bowled over by the fac t that they had sugar free truffles. I have never in my life seen a store carrying those before, and yet both the places we happened to stop by for our date perfectly accommodated my low carbing. Then we took a lovely stroll along the beach, and I naturally spilled coffee on myself multiple times. Worth it, though.

Golden hour at the beach! (Photo facing away from the beach or we would have been silhouettes)
Golden hour at the beach! (Photo facing away from the beach or we would have been silhouettes)

It was going to be my scheduled carb-up day of the week, but I didn’t even need to go much over my 50g carb limit! (The 64g number below isn’t excluding the sugar alcohols that were likely in the truffles). I got to do everything I normally would, but for much lower calories and carbs. It was like a dream come true.

Oh, and to top things off? I finally got a ketone reading, meaning I’m officially using fat as fuel!


  • Mascarpone and hazelnut butter: 290


  • Coffee with soy: 30
  • Ketobread with tofurkey & tomatoes: 415


  • Yellow curry with sauteed tofu, bell peppers, onions, snow peas, and shirataki noodles: 420
  • 1/2 fortune cookie: 15


  • Sugar free almond milk latte: 60
  • Sugar free truffle: 80

Total: 1300  –   Burned 130  (5070 steps)

Net: 1170

  • Net carbs: 64g (including sugar alcohols)  (25%)
  • Protein: 47g (14%)   |   Fat: 61%
  • Water: 4.25L
Yellow shirataki curry
Yellow shirataki curry

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