Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 36 Food Diary (7/14)

Nothing starts the week off like a day at the beach. Although, it was a bit of a strange beach trip: every Tuesday during my summer classes, I have a logic exam, so I had to get used to the idea of studying while in a traditionally fun-filled locale. Although I did miss swimming, beach bumming is now definitely one of my favorite ways to study! (Despite the sunburn that I somehow got while under an umbrella…)

We then continued our study sesh at our favorite cafe, where they actually serve avocado on its own–a vegetarian low carb dieter’s dream.

I then made my first keto bread at night, and turned it into a gourmet grilled cheese with goat cheese and apples. Definitely a perfect way to end a great day. I’ll have to do a separate post about the bread, though, because that stuff is seriously a game changer when it comes to low carb anything.

With my friend and fellow blogger (on the right)!
Unfortunately our view got blocked by people setting up in front of us, but oh well!


  • Flax crackers with mozzarella and brie: 145
  • Chocolate hazelnut butter and mascarpone: 175


  • Avocado: 110
  • Iced hazelnut latte: 90


  • Grilled cheese sandwich with homemade flax bread and goat cheese, apple slices: 620


  • Vegan crepe cookie: 80
  • Tofurkey and cream cheese: 100

Total: 1320  –   Burned 170 extra  (5000 steps)

Net: 1150

  • Net carbs: 41g  (19%)
  • Protein: 62g (18%)   |   Fat: 63%
  • Water: 3L
Earl grey and some logic studying
Earl grey and some logic studying
Cafe time! Avocado and iced latte
Cafe time! Avocado and iced latte

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