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Progress & Nutrition Check-in #2

Because of the inability to cook just for myself that resulted from the wedding and then the next weekend at 4th of July, my weight hasn’t budged for almost half the time I’ve been blogging… besides in the upward direction. (And this was despite netting at or below maintenance overall! 😦 )  But thankfully, that’s changing.

I suppose that, even despite my obsessive calorie counting, I must have underestimated how calorie-laden the restaurant/family-made food has been. I always like to think they aren’t just pouring calories into my food, but that seems to be the case–good taste means high calories and gives a better profit margin for restaurants.

And this is why I can’t trust food I didn’t make myself!

Weight one week ago: 118 lbs

My weight today is

115 lbs — right back where I was last check-in.

However, my waist is down to 24.5″, whereas it was 25″ last time I was 115. This is generally the more important number to me, since the scale is so unreliable when it comes to how you actually look.

At least I’m moving back in the right direction, with no more big food-related events for the summer. And the low carb diet has been going well for me!

Nutrition goals // outcome:

  • Carbs: <50g average per day // Eaten: 39g average   (Yay!)
  • Calories: 900 average per day // Eaten: 980 average
  • Protein: 280g  //  Eaten: 321g
  • Iron: 85%*  //  Eaten: 45%
  • Vitamin A: 100%* //  Eaten: 105%
  • Vitamin C: 100%* //  Eaten: 101%
  • Fiber: 140g  //  Eaten: 155g

*Percents are relative to the goals that MFP sets.

Thank goodness I take iron supplements. Low carb vegetarian iron sources besides soy are difficult to come by. (And most of my dietary iron does come from soy and spinach.)

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