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Keto Pancakes aren’t Pretty — Day 38 Food Diary (7/16)

Low carb was beginning to break me by this point, even though I’d felt a bit accomplished from getting ketone readings for awhile now. I had a desperate craving for pancakes, so I made myself a big keto pancake. It was flat, mealy, eggy, and was only edible once slathered in chocolate; it was my one keto recipe so far that didn’t turn out. But naturally I gobbled it down anyway out of desperation. Not to mention, the whole affair was about 4x more calorific than its carby equivalent–at this point I’d rather just have a nice, whole wheat vegan pancake made with bananas for a fraction of the calories and for much better texture.

And, even after all those calories, I was still having snack attacks a few hours later at lunchtime! Looks like the appetite reduction just isn’t working for me anymore.

At my boyfriend’s house at night, I started drooling over a package of oreos he had, and just kept checking the nutrition info again and again… 10 carbs per cookie. I tried to kill the craving by eating a bunch of almonds, but I finally broke down and had one as I was leaving. So I ended up with a ton of calories from the almonds, and a ton of carbs from the oreo. Low carb is too hard when I’m surrounded by delicious carby foods 😦

Copious toppings to disguise the poor excuse for a breakfast pastry
Copious toppings always do the trick!


  • Keto pancake: 500
  • Pancake toppings: 265


  • Tea with soy: 70
  • Tofurkey and almond cheese: 120


  • Spaghetti squash with tomatoes, veggie meatballs, goat cheese, kale, mushrooms: 200


  • Cherries: 40
  • Almonds: 140
  • Oreo: 50
  • Chocolate: 150

Total: 1530 –   Burned 55 extra  (3300 steps)

Net: 1475

  • Net carbs: 68g  (23%)
  • Protein: 72g (18%)   |   Fat: 59%
  • Water: 3.5L
What a tragic excuse for a pancake.
What a tragic excuse for a pancake.

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