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Less Keto, More Low Cal

Although I’m loving the effects that low carb has been having on my skin (I can’t find even the tiniest little blemish!), and originally my appetite, it hasn’t been working out so well this week. The lack of fruits and starchy vegetables has been difficult, and has been making me overeat fake sweeteners and calories in general to make up for what I’m missing. What really matters in diet plans is calories in vs calories out, and keto has not been keeping my calories low enough. Also, most importantly, it’s been hard on my boyfriend and he’s suggested I stop; I’ve only been able to eat out with him once these last 2 weeks for lack of low carb choices, and he can see how crazy my cravings have been the last few days.

So, even though I love keto for when I’m on my own in college and have more control over everything I eat, it just doesn’t work well at home. Especially as a vegetarian who avoids eggs. And now this means I can start heading back towards my old vegan ways! Though this keto experiment did help me come up with a lot of great low carb recipes that I’m planning on incorporating regularly, since avoiding blood sugar spikes is always good regardless of what overall diet I’m on.

My new experimental plan is: try to do keto days 2-3 times a week (studies show this somehow has helped people lose weight, probably due to appetite reduction overall), so it won’t drive me crazy with a long term craving for smoothie bowls and sweet potatoes. The other days, I’m going to try my best to keep it under 900 calories, besides maybe one datenight a week where I go to a restaurant.

Looks like it’s back to moderation for me!

Special thanks to my boyfriend for helping me see my own slight dieting misery:

Taken on our 3.5 year anniversary last week!
Taken on our 3.5 year anniversary last week!

3 thoughts on “Less Keto, More Low Cal”

  1. 900 calories seems like quite a big deficit, what’s your maintenance calories? Sorry if this is prying! Interesting article though, personally I’m not a fan of low-carb/keto due to all the negative side effects, but interested in hearing about how you get on with a combination plan 🙂 it has really sparked my interest haha


    1. Not a problem! I wish 900 were a big deficit for me, but alas I seem to gain on anything above 1350-1400, so 900 is only about a pound a week loss. I measure 95% of what I eat, or else I’d blame calorie counting error for such a low TDEE. I have no lean muscle mass to speak of yet, so that could explain it 😦

      Yeah, combination low cal and keto just doesn’t work out very well for me, especially without meat in the equation!


      1. Ahhh fair play, sorry to question you lol 😀 yeah I find keto only works out well in general for a minority of people. I much prefer moderate levels of all macronutrients and a calorie deficit. I tend to start with 40/30/30 carbs/protein/fat with most of my clients, then tweak it from there based on tracking their results.


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