Check ins

A New Day 1

So I  ended up taking a hiatus from fitness blogging for the past month due to a variety of life-related things: buying a new camera + lenses (which in itself took 2 weeks of research and constant trips to the store) and getting inundated with photography work, starting a research job, spending my last few weeks with my boyfriend, and then coordinating a very stressful move back to school.

Despite all the restaurants and stress eating as a result of all this, I’ve managed to maintain at 117. And I’m ready to start losing again!

I start a strength training class a week from today, so I’m excited to finally get over my nervousness about lifting and get right into it. Hopefully being taught by someone means I don’t run much of a risk of injuring myself–I have back problems, so I’ve always been a bit leery about it.

I’m not sure I’ll continue to do food diaries every day, but I may continue doing so until my time starts getting scarce again–and do weekly check-ins at that point. I’m hoping to force myself to keep to weekly as opposed to daily weigh-ins to keep from getting too obsessive about the number.

Also, I’ll be posting more recipes now, so get ready!

110 pounds and toned, here I come.

– Luna

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