Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 4 Food Diary (8/30)

Went on a grocery shopping expedition with a friend for hours (had to rent a car, get there and back, then navigate parking in front of each of our apartments on crowded one way streets..) and managed to stick to my list instead of grabbing tons of stuff like I usually do!

Then I went to an early dinner with friends at my favorite Indian place and binged there, followed by gaming… but hopefully the exercise offset it enough.

Even after walking 4.5 miles I still wanted to exercise!



  • Apple and almond butter: 270


  • Rice cake with edamame hummus, tomatoes and a slice of tofurkey: 70


  • Aloo naan, vegetable biryani, paneer tikka masala: 705


  • Earl grey tea with soy: 40
  • Chocolate chip cookie: 130

Total: 1215    |      Exercise: 600


Net: 615

Protein: 28g

Water: 4L

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