Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 6 Food Diary (9/01)

I waited til noon to eat, and tried to spend the day writing essays… but got so stressed out about what I’m going to do with my life that I couldn’t focus on anything. At least the resulting stress-snacking wasn’t total binge status.

My friend came over to cook at night, and I figured it would be weird of me to suggest serving curry without rice. I ended up messing up the rice (it’s amazing that I have no trouble making bread from scratch or hand-rolling gnocchi, but cooking rice properly is difficult for me!) so we turned it into rice pudding with sugar free sweetener. It was delicious and I was so happy we got away without real sugar!


Vegan, super low cal tikka masala from scratch! Less than 100 cals in the whole bowl, and 70 of those are the beans.



  • Espresso: 20


  • Egg white omelette with avocado, kale, and low cal cheese: 175
  • Rice cakes, pb2, plum: 180


  • Homemade vegan tikka masala with garbanzo beans, cauli, mushrooms, spinach, bread: 200
  • Homemade vegan brown rice pudding topped with walnuts: 365


  • Dark chocolate: 100
  • Tea: 30

Total: 1070    |      Exercise: 205


Net: 865

Protein: 41g

Water: 2.75L


1 thought on “Day 6 Food Diary (9/01)”

  1. I feel your pain with the pesky rice! It’s take me years & years to get it just about right – and I still get it wrong more often than I’d like to admit! Your curry dish looks absolutely gorgeous! I could quite happily eat that without rice. If you’ve got a minute, I’d love your thoughts on my spicy baked chickpeas – they’d go really well in that tikka masala/as a really healthy snack! 🙂


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