Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 7 Food Diary (9/02)

I had leftover brown rice pudding for breakfast, and it actually kept me full for hours despite all the carbs! I usually fear having non-fruit carbs for breakfast, and even with fruits I have to include fats/protein. This one might become a new favorite, though.

I also searched 3 different grocery stores for almond butter, and they were ALLL out of stock. I thought I was going to have a meltdown! One had cashew butter at least so I got that, but it pales in comparison… it just tastes oily to me.



Caramelized sugar free raspberry walnuts on top!


  • Homemade vegan cardamom brown rice pudding: 190
  • Veggie sausage: 40
  • Tea: 60


  • Egg white omelette with avocado, hummus, kale, and low cal cheese: 205
  • Rice cake with cashew butter: 210


  • Homemade vegan tikka masala with tofu, kale, cauliflower, rice: 280


  • Dark chocolate: 50
  • Microwave banana brownie: 135
  • Espresso with soy: 30

Total: 1210    |      Exercise: 340


Net: 870

Protein: 60g

Water: 2.5L

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