Check ins

First Weekly Check-In! (9/01 – 9/07)

Sorry if I bore you with stats! I’m just a bit scientific/statistics oriented so I like to keep track of all the numbers 🙂

Unfortunately I had a bit too much salt last night so I’m probably holding on to some water weight. It’s crazy that a single pickle spear has 12% of the RDA of salt!

  • Starting weight: 118
  • Last week’s weight: 117
  • Current weight: 116
  • Last week’s waist: 25.5″
  • Current waist: 25″

Net calorie summary:

  • Monday: 870
  • Tuesday: 910
  • Wednesday: 840
  • Thursday: 940
  • Friday: 1120
  • Saturday: 1000
  • Sunday: 560
  • Average: 900

So just within my goal of 700-900 average per week! I’m proud I managed to do it at all even if I just barely made it 🙂

(Some numbers differ from diary entries due to snacking after posting. The ones here are updated for all snacks etc. Now writing my entries the day after to avoid the problem.)


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