Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 9 Food Diary (9/04)

I started to feel sick (for the second time in 3 weeks…) so I tried to eat a little more frequently. I ended up having a kind bar around noon, and the rice cakes around 2, followed by pretty much the same thing for dinner but on sandwich thins instead.

Naturally I was craving chocolate after dinner so I made low cal chocolate mousse! (I’ll post that photo soon)


My new favorite open face sandwich… rice cakes or sandwich thins topped with edamame hummus, tofurkey, and tomatoes!


  • Banana sweet pancake with cashew butter: 365


  • Rice cake with hummus, tofurkey, tomato: 70
  • Kind bar: 200


  • Sandwich thin with tofurkey, hummus, tomatoes, carrots on the side: 330


  • Homemade chocolate mousse: 110
  • Tea with soy: 90

Total: 1170   |      Exercise: 230


Net: 940

Protein: 57g

Water: 4.25L

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