Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 10 Food Diary (9/05)

I can feel myself falling off the wagon, because part of my plan is trying not to think about food or dieting too much, and because I’m sick and feeling crappy. Both things are making me eat too much… I was stupid and had a whole foods sandwich, followed by a bunch of chocolate and almond butter.

Still trying to find my balance!



  • Apple with cashew butter: 170


  • Rice cakes with hummus, tofurkey, tomato: 175
  • Peach: 60


  • Whole foods vegan chicken salad sandwich (no spreads or anything): 625?


  • Rice cake with almond butter: 100
  • Chocolates: 84
  • Tea with soy: 60

Total: 1300   |      Exercise: 180


Net: 1120

Protein: 51g

Water: 4.5L

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