Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 11 Food Diary (9/06)

Woke up both with my second cold in 3 months, and then felt sick to my stomach immediately after breakfast… fun times. I made fat-free vegan gingerbread donuts for a bunch of friends who were coming over, and tried making a sugar free version for myself, but it needs work; next time I’m using dry splenda instead of sugar free syrups.

IMG_0489 small

Carrots and edamame hummus! 


  • Apple with almond butter: 330


  • Vegetable biryani: 125
  • Vegan donuts: 290


  • Babybel light: 50
  • Carrots, celery, edamame hummus: 80


  • Chocolate truffle bar: 100
  • Chocolate: 42
  • Tea with soy: 30

Total: 1055   |      Exercise: 55

Net: 1000

Protein: 26g

Water: 4L

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