Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 13 Food Diary (9/08)

First day of strength training class was a bit of an eye opener. I knew I’d dieted/cardio’d away most of my muscle, but didn’t realize how bad I’d let myself get. (I should have kept doing pilates over the summer!) I could hardly even do the warm ups–and it’s just me and 2 guys, so my weakness was just emphasized.

My appetite was totally gone after the workout, but I still managed to convince myself to have my planned protein shake. As a result of the first day disaster, I’m now trying to get 1300-1500 cals on workout days, and 70g+ protein in the hopes of still being able to build a bit of muscle while losing fat.


Banana chocolate protein shake


  • Sandwich thins with cherry jam and almond butter: 245


  • Cauliflower rice with garbanzo beans, tomatoes, kale: 170
  • Rice cake with almond butter: 200


  • Egg white omelette with avocado and kale: 185
  • Rice cake with almond butter: 200


  • Matcha and earl greys with soy: 50

Post-workout (strength days only)

  • Protein shake with soy spirulina powder, banana, cocoa powder, yogurt, soymilk: 210

Total: 1260   |      Exercise: 740


Net: 520

Protein: 63g

Water: 6L

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