Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 15 Food Diary (9/10)

Net calories – 960

I was still sore and sick today, but I went to strength training class anyway. I spent most of the day panicking over deciding on majors (I’m currently doing econ and neuroscience and have to choose to focus on one soon…), but lifting made me feel SO much better. Once I knew what I was up against–starting with no muscle to speak of–it was easier to mentally prepare for the class this time. Can’t wait to get strong!

It’s funny how messed up my cravings can be. My goal was to eat 1300-1500 cals, but I had no appetite all day and it was a chore just to choke down the meals. Yet, when I’m trying to have a low calorie day, all I can think about is eating more! (Maybe I had less appetite just because I’m sore or eating a lot of protein.)

I wish my subconscious and body would just cooperate with my goals already!

On a happier note, I actually managed to hit my protein goals.

Aren’t those macros beautiful?  I love higher fat/proteins 🙂



  • Banana-egg pancake with ricotta: 350


  • Homemade curry with cauliflower rice & gardein chick’n (came up with a 5-minute curry sauce!): 260


  • Eggwhite avocado omelette, followed by almond butter: 320


  • Skinny cow ice cream bar to raise calories (crazy right): 100
  • Chocolate, rice cakes: 135
  • Tea with soy: 20

Post-workout (strength days only)

  • Protein powder, yogurt, soymilk: 140

Total: 1325   |      Exercise: 365


Net: 960

Protein: 95g !

Water: 5L

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