Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 17 Food Diary (9/12)

Net calories – 1840

Controlled binge day–the only way I can let myself go out to eat with friends! I’m hoping the carb refeed will result in a “whoosh,” aka a plateau break. We got Indian food (my favorite of course), and then went to a famous ice cream place near here… scary calorie counts, but delicious.

In the morning, I went to the gym to lift with some friends, and they always go to a restaurant afterwards. Although I did go with them, I actually opted for steamed veggies instead of the french fries they offered me! I was proud I was actually able to resist one of my favorite foods 🙂 (And I probably haven’t had fries in about a month, so the craving was strong.)



  • Banana protein pancake: 275


  • Big plate of steamed veggies: 110 (hopefully less)


  • Indian food: 925
  • Scoop of ice cream + cookie: 600? (probably less but still over recording)


  • Tea with soy: 40

Post-workout (strength days only)

  • Avocado protein smoothie: 355 [was also lunch]

Total: 2310  |      Exercise: 470

Net: 1840

Protein: 70g 

Water: 4L

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