Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 19 Food Diary (9/14)

Net calories – 1210

Still detoxing from the carb load. The cravings for bread and pastries and pizza are KILLING ME. And I pretty much ate chocolate in various forms all day long. But I am a bit proud… I went grocery shopping and had to pass through the bread section, and was able to look without considering buying any!

Having a mocha this morning was probably a terrible idea for stabilizing my blood sugar cycling. Although, it did give me the incentive to get off my butt and study neuropsych in a cafe instead of my usual lazy Sunday mornings. And doing that + being hyped up on more caffeine than I can really handle made me insanely productive: I started and finished 2 client product photoshoots, filled out change of major applications, drafted a couple blog posts with recipes, did graphic design for 2 clients, and studied some genetic variation.

However, my productivity caused me to snack wayy too much. But the good news is, one of my product photography clients loved the shots so much she’s going to send me more batches, so I’m her official product photographer–I love developing client relationships! Below is one of the shots that she chose as her favorite.

(The other one hasn’t seen their photos yet)

Completely unrelated to food, but I’m excited about it!
130 calorie pancake… including tons of chocolate and whipped cream. 



  • Protein pancake with lots of chocolate: 130


  • Indian leftovers: 340
  • Babybel light: 50


  • Avocado berry smoothie bowl: 370


  • Tea with soy: 30
  • Soy mocha: 210
  • Homemade microwave brownie: 110
  • Chocolate: 40

Post-workout (strength days only)

  • N/A

Total: 1285  |      Exercise: 75


Net: 1210

Protein: 51

Water: 4L

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