Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 21 Food Diary (9/16)

Net calories – 925

Yesterday was soo hot, and I pretty much felt tired and dead throughout. And ate a giant, amazing dinner of homemade “chicken” tikka masala… and felt super full but still snacked at night. I need to stop this nonsense!

Anyways, planning a protein shake mono diet for Thursday (aka replacing meals with protein shakes for a day), if my casein powder gets here in time–my friend and I split for a 2lb-er but he ordered it so it’s up to him to get it from our annoying mailroom!

9-16-14 077 small
Homemade “chicken” tikka with cauliflower rice

Food Diary


  • Pumpkin protein pancake: 230


  • Soy pumpkin latte, half syrup: <160
  • Homemade zucchini patty on a sandwich thin, with chipotle-lime cream and tomatoes: 305


  • Homemade “chicken” tikka masala over cauliflower rice: 260


  • Cashew butter: 90
  • Tea with soy: 30
  • Chocolate: 90
  • Ricotta and strawberries: 40

Post-workout (strength days only)

  • N/A

Total: 1210  |      Exercise: 285

Net: 925

Protein: 84


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