Check ins

Week 2 Check-In (9/08-9/14)

So I’m a bit late with this because I’ve been playing food diary catch-up, but I finally have them all up to date! This check in is for days 13-19.

Because starting a new workout routine (especially lifting) leads to water retention by muscles and general weight gain, I’m trying to stay off the scale for a bit because it won’t tell me anything useful right now, and because I want to spare myself the mental anguish of seeing a higher number 😛 But the important part is, I lost from my waist and my pants are feeling looser!

I also ate more than before due to my higher calorie goals for lifting days, plus that one crazy restaurant day.

  • Starting weight: 118
  • Last week’s weight: 116
  • Current weight: —
  • Last week’s waist: 25.5″
  • Current waist: 24.5″

Net calorie summary:

  • Monday: 570
  • Tuesday: 870
  • Wednesday: 930
  • Thursday: 910
  • Friday: 1900
  • Saturday: 850
  • Sunday: 1280
  • Average: 1050

(Some numbers differ from diary entries due to snacking after posting. The ones here are updated for all snacks etc.)


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