Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 22 Food Diary (9/17)

Net calories – 1220

Cravings and binging got out of hand, but I’m hoping to remedy that tomorrow with a super high-protein day.

Today in lifting class, I was the only one there for the first 20 minutes so it turned into a private lesson. The trainer was asking me what my goals are, and I said it’s to get strong and lose fat/recomp… and I mentioned I was on a calorie deficit. Obviously a bad move, because common knowledge is that you can’t gain muscle while on a deficit (which I obviously adhere to, but I do believe in the possibility of noob gains!)

He told me that would get me the opposite of my goals, so okay, fine, I won’t build very much if any muscle. But then, he started to go on about how calorie restriction “is not a way to lose weight.” I was pretty dumbfounded… I tried to suppress a smirk the entire time he went on about this because I wanted to be respectful. He said that obviously calorie restriction doesn’t work because “so many obese people are poor and can only afford to eat 1000 calories a day” (of course, the cheapest and sometimes the only food establishments in poor areas/food deserts are places like McDonalds, where the meals are about $2 for 1200 calories each). He told me to “do some google searches” to find out why calorie restriction doesn’t work. He acted like I’ve never researched this topic in my life, as if I’m some kind of physiology idiot!

Then he told me “a calorie taken in isn’t just a calorie taken in, but a calorie burned is a calorie burned.” That’s like the OPPOSITE of conventional wisdom–we have no way of knowing how much we burn, but we DO know how many calories are in food, even if our bodies utilize them slightly differently… we still can’t violate central laws of thermodynamics. He told me to lower my carbs to 25% and eat the rest in equal parts fat and protein. Sure I agree low carb is nice, but the second he told me calorie restriction doesn’t lead to weight loss, I stopped taking him very seriously.

He’s great at teaching lifting, though!

Rice cake with cottage cheese, tomatoes, spices


Food Diary


  • Pumpkin protein pancake: 255


  • Giant bingey sandwich: 750


  • Rice cake with cottage cheese: 45
  • Cashew butter: 70


  • Chocolate: 90
  • Plum: 20
  • Tea with soy: 60
  • Walnuts & chocolate chips: 270 [binge]

Post-workout (strength days only)

  • Protein shake + mini cheese: 200

Total: 1755  |      Exercise: 535

Net: 1220

Protein: 75-95g (don’t know sandwich content)

Water: 5L

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