Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 23 Food Diary (9/18)

Net calories – 990

The binging/cravings are starting to get insane. My anxiety has also gotten 100x worse and I’ve been drinking coffee again–probably one of the causes. I’m 95% certain this is another bout of chronically high cortisol, which happened last spring–thankfully I was able to remedy things with some hard work. So today marks my first day of a concerted effort to bring it back down again!

  • Some causes of high cortisol: calorie restriction (check), exercise–particularly heavy lifting etc. (check), blood sugar spikes (check), being constantly stressed out (check), not sleeping well (check), being sick (check)
  • Some symptoms of high cortisol: carb/sugar cravings (check), blood sugar cycling (check), insomnia/trouble sleeping (check), anxiety (check), stalled weight loss/fat storage around abdomen (CHECK), trouble focusing (check), waking up exhausted (check), suddenly feeling more alert around bedtime (check), getting sick (check)

Funny how many of the symptoms are also the causes, right? It’s a vicious feedback loop…

Anyways. Time to bump up my calorie intake a bit (as if I’ve had control over that anyway the last week or so), drink lots of black tea, no more caffeinated coffee, make sure not to ever eat sugar/carbs alone,  meditate every day, and just generally calm down.

Also my protein shake thing didn’t go as planned, of course, since my friend couldn’t get the casein in time. I still hit my high protein goal, though! I ended up coming with an amazing replacement for bread since normal bread is too nutritionally devoid for me to feel good about eating it (yes, even whole wheat). But this one’s got TONS of protein and fiber and is gluten free, not to mention I could make it in 20 mins on a skillet!

My new favorite bread replacement, with goat cheese, cheddar, and apples: 33g of protein! Crazy color due to buckwheat.


Food Diary



  • Protein shake with whey, pumpkin puree, chia, psyllium: 230


  • N/A


  • GIANT buckwheat/quinoa skillet bread topped with cheese & apples: 635


  • Tea with soy: 40
  • Microwave pumpkin protein brownie: 130
  • Walnuts and chocolate chips: 150

Post-workout (strength days only)

  • N/A

Total: 1205 |      Exercise: 215


Net: 990

Protein: 86g 

Water: 4L

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