Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 25 Food Diary (9/21)

Net calories – 790

I decided (during the day, not after eating a bunch) to skip recording on Saturday because this whole thing was making me a tad too obsessive. So I tried not to count calories, and instead added them up at the end of the day: around 1300 net after all was said and done, with a brownie binge at the end of the day that was a real kick in the butt. I had to throw the rest of the batch away 😦

Today went much better. I think I’m finally starting to kick the cravings! Although, I did kinda overdose on fiber gummies on accident (had 6 when the bottle said 4 max)… it was my first time trying them and they were so delicious! I am now unbelievably bloated and laughing at myself.

But they are definitely a potentially useful appetite suppressant if not taken en masse next time.

I also made some delicious ramen that is approximately 100x healthier than the stuff all my fellow college students are eating. Who needs 500 calorie deep-fried-then-dried noodles covered in MSG, when you could have 85 wholesome calories of shirataki and veggies in homemade broth instead? (It’s amazing that I get so many more nutrients from 85 cals than they do from 500)

9-21-14 006small


Food Diary


  • Protein pancake: 300


  • Fiber gummies: 45
  • Almond butter: 170
  • Rice cake with cheese: 90


  • Homemade ramen: 85


  • Tea with soy: 60
  • Chocolate lava truffle: 105

Post-workout (strength days only)

  • N/A

Total: 790 |      Exercise: 0 (walked a mile but not enough for fitbit!)

Net: 790

Protein: 48

Water: 5L


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