Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 26 Food Diary (9/22)

Net calories – 1290

Spending a few days focusing on trying to eat more and get more of the vitamins/nutrients I’m probably missing, before easing back into lower calories. Today was all about getting tons of protein since it was also a work out day!

The truly incredible amount of almond butter + chocolate I’ve been craving and eating throughout the day is pretty suggestive of magnesium problems (along with the fact that the rest of my diet is pretty devoid of it, and I just realized my multivitamin doesn’t have it) so I’m going to pick up some supplements one of these days… and stop buying almond butter. Thankfully it’s a healthy thing to be craving all day, but it’s far too expensive and calorie dense!

Tea habit continues–please excuse instagram quality

Food Diary


  • Protein shake: 210
  • Fiber gummies: 30


  • Tea with soy: 30


  • Omelette with avocado: 300
  • Peach and half a rice cake: 60


  • Almond butter with dark chocolate: 800

Post-workout (strength days only)

  • Protein shake with banana, psyllium, flax, pb2, whey, casein, yogurt: 290

Total: 1650 |      Exercise: 360

Net: 1290

Protein: 81g 

Water: 4L

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