Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 29 Food Diary (9/25)

Net calories – 840

As soon as I decided I’m going to try eating more, my appetite seemed to go away! For some reason, I decided to forego my planned sweet potato dinner in favor of a much lower calorie salad–I just felt like something light, which is shocking for me. I was feeling good at 650 net calories but decided to have my usual shake after my HIIT workout to make sure I got enough protein. Gotta feed my sore muscles (from lifting yesterday) if I ever want them to grow!

I also finally started reintroducing grains by making myself get a brown rice bowl with veggies at a cafe on campus. I felt a bit terrified and nauseous for a moment, but got over it quickly enough. It’s funny how most people consider themselves healthy because they eat stuff like that, yet I’ve been fearing things like brown rice and oats (and wheat of course). I did some brush-up research on foods highest in various nutrients, and I’m always shocked by how nutrient rich brown rice and oats specifically are. I need to kick this fear of grains!

Vegan chicken ranch salad for dinner!

Food Diary


  • Protein pancake with peanut butter: 490


  • Tea with soy: 60
  • Brown rice, mixed vegetables, teriyaki sauce: 235


  • Vegan chicken ranch salad: 150


  • Fiber gummies: 15
  • Dark chocolate: 40
  • Tea with soy: 30

Post-workout (strength/HIIT days only)

  • Protein shake: 190

Total: 1210 |      Exercise: 370

Net: 840

Protein: 51g 

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