Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 30 Food Diary (9/26)

Net calories – 1310

It’s good I ate less yesterday, because today was a planned high calorie day. I probably should have skipped lunch, but I didn’t want to get weird and/or hungry during an important meeting. I’m a leader in an animal advocacy club, and I organized an intro to animal rights presentation during our weekly meeting, followed by a dinner at an awesome vegan restaurant. I ended up being able to just organize the thing and delegate most of the speaking parts to my much more public-speaking-talented counterparts, so I probably could have skipped lunch after all!

I knew it would be high calorie because it’s a burger-and-fries type place–everyone at my end of the table got matching orders of vegan bbq chicken ranch burgers and fries–but we all ended up getting impromptu vegan milkshakes, too… and that was what put me over. I had walked and eaten small enough meals throughout the day to make up for an 800 cal dinner, but 1200 cals was just too much. Despite the fat-fest and guilt I felt the rest of the night, at least I got to meet a bunch of new animal loving friends and hang out with my old ones!

So, today I made myself eat a lot of foods I was starting to develop a stronger fear of: dates, bread (whole wheat burger buns), potatoes, and sugar/ice cream! I certainly won’t be making it a habit, though. (Except maybe the dates)


This weekend’s cheat meal. I’m sorry, body.

Food Diary


  • Protein pancake: 300


  • Dates with cashew cream and orange zest: 210
  • Rice cake with cottage cheese and tofurkey: 65


  • Vegan burger, fries, milkshake: 1170


  • Tea with soy: 60

Post-workout (strength days only)

  • N/A

Total: 1810 |      Exercise: 500

Net: 1340

Protein: 51g 

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