Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 31 Food Diary (9/27)

Net calories – 1160

I wasn’t able to lift on Friday due to all the socializing and giant meal, so I finally got back in gear on Saturday! I walked 2 miles to my favorite cafe, got a quinoa black bean burrito from Whole Foods, and… went to the gym on a full stomach because I wanted to go before dark. Bad idea.

But the good news is, I did get some lifting in, even if it was shorter than it would have been had I eaten a normal sized dinner. And I netted far enough below 1300 to make up for Friday’s giant dinner! (When you also add in the extra deficit from Thursday, that is.)

Also, the best part is, I made some delicious almond butter protein bread–10g protein, 6g net carbs, and 200 cals a slice! I’m hoping to lower the calorie a density a bit next time I make it by adding some fruit, though the carbs will inevitaby go up.

9-27-14 009 comp small
Almond butter protein bread – 10g protein, 6g net carbs per slice


Food Diary


  • Homemade almond butter protein bread with date paste: 380
  • Almond butter (I have a problem): 200


  • Tea with soy: 90
  • Babybel light: 50


  • Whole foods burrito with roasted veggies, black beans, quinoa, kale, whole wheat tortilla: 600 (overestimate)


  • Fiber gummies: 15

Post-workout (strength days only)

  • Protein shake and rice cake with almond butter: 340

Total: 1670 |      Exercise: 515

Net: 1160

Protein: 100

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