Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 32 Food Diary (9/28)

Net calories – 1660

Unfortunately, I had a bad case of the munchies all day long, it seems. I have 2 midterms this week so I was studying like a bit of a maniac, and the problems started when I ended up getting a bagel at a cafe to fuel my glucose-fueled speedy neuro textbook reading.

Then, at night, I had another difficult conversation with my boyfriend–long distance isn’t going well for us (as usual). Part of this whole fitness thing is a way to cope with the fact that we’re apart… I’m hoping my body will be transformed for the better by the next time we’re together.

But as a result of that conversation, I binged. I stuffed 500 extra calories in my face in the span of twenty minutes in a pathetic, impulsive attempt to deal with the emotions. Luckily, the almond butter I bought to make the fabulous protein bread is now completely gone so I can’t binge on it anymore. Next time I make the bread I think I’ll modify the recipe to include the entire jar…

10-02-14 013small
Mini (but filling!) french toasts topped with date paste, walnuts, and banana slices


Food Diary


  • French toast made with homemade protein bread: 360


  • Bagel with veggies: 400
  • Tons of tea with soy: 200


  • Brown rice, veggies, teriyaki: 170


  • Chocolate truffle bar: 100
  • Almond butter and chocolate chips: 500
  • Rice cake: 50

Post-workout (strength days only)

  • N/A

Total: 1775 |      Exercise: 100

Net: 1660

Protein: 61g 

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