Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 33 Food Diary (9/29)

Net calories – 1300

Came up with yet another recipe using my almond butter protein bread–yesterday was french toast, and today was bread pudding!
I spent the day continuing  to be pretty upset about things with my boyfriend, but felt better towards the end of the day largely thanks to lifting. Though, I did manage to throw out my back–guess the routine my instructor had us do yesterday was too hard for me, or I was doing something wrong!

I felt crazy for eating 1800, but I did end up netting right at 1300, which is a low estimate of my BMR. So according to TDEE calculators, I should be netting 1450 for maintenance, but rounding down should make up for fitbit/calorie counting errors… plus I generally don’t believe the calculators.

Hoping this recomp will work… right now I’m essentially doing -25/0 (aka -25% calories on off days, maintenance calories on lifting days).

Sadly the bad phone photo doesn’t do it justice, but it was delicious high-protein paleo bread pudding!


Food Diary


  • Apple bread pudding made with homemade protein bread: 405


  • Apple chia pudding, plus rice cakes: 470


  • Eggwhite omelette, + protein bread with cashew cream and dates: 490


  • Chocolate: 125

Post-workout (strength days only)

  • Protein shake: 290

Total: 1780 |      Exercise: 480

Net: 1300

Protein: 113g 

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