Food & Exercise Diaries

October 1st Food Diary

Net calories – 1190

Switching over from the “day x food diary” format, since I started a new plan a week or so ago… so Day 1 isn’t exactly a fixed concept anymore! September 8th was my first day of lifting, and I took before photos on September 14th… so I guess that’s my new day 1 just for my own purposes! I’ll probably do monthly instead of weekly check-ins now since recomping means slower change, and I don’t want to get frustrated with my lack of weekly progress.

Anyways, I had a midterm and also had to study for one the next day, not to mention it was ~85 degrees and my back was still sore. Even though I had planned to skip lifting class for those reasons, I felt compelled at the last minute to go anyway! This was fantastic–I was worried lifting would become another chore like dieting, but I’m really enjoying it. It got my mood up and even though it worsened my back a bit, I feel like it probably made me feel better and more productive overall 🙂 I also ended up eating under a bit my goal despite feeling like I ate so much, so I’m happy about that too.

So, when in doubt: lift!

I’ve been in a pizza mood lately, as you can see! But at 200 cals for the whole plate, pizza isn’t such a bad thing 😛

Food Diary


  • Protein pancake and protein bread: 360


  • Grilled tofu with broccoli and collard greens: 240
  • Think thin chocolate almond bar: 150 [pre-exam]
  • Rice cakes, cheese, peanut butter: 230 [post-exam]


  • Portabello cap pizza–I was only able to eat half: 110


  • Matcha latte: 75
  • Dark chocolate peanut butter cups: 155


  • Protein shake, protein bread: 350

Total: 1665 |      Exercise: 475

Net: 1190

Protein: 117g 

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