Food & Exercise Diaries

October 4th Food Diary

Net calories – 1250

Because of the continuing heat, I decided to take a day in and get a bunch of work done before lifting at night. I ended up spending the morning on the phone with my friend, then eating breakfast/lunch around noon, then spending another hour on the phone with my boyfriend. I got less work done, but it was definitely worth it–I also felt no binge or snack urge at all!

I also got some cleaning done, so things were overall great and relaxing. And the best part of the day–I got 100% on my neuropsychology exam, which is what I eventually want to do as a career, so I’m extra happy!

I got myself to the gym to lift at night despite the heat, and ended up running into an old friend I hadn’t seen in about a year–I think we might start working out together!

Relaxing and writing!


Food Diary


  • 2 protein pancakes: 485


  • Pinto beans with cheese and spinach on a rice cake: 150


  • Smoothie bowl: 475


  • Decaf soy latte: 40
  • Chocolate: 40


  • Protein shake: 265

Total: 1455 |      Exercise: 205

Net: 1250

Protein: 100g 

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