Food & Exercise Diaries

October 5th Food Diary

Net calories – 1275

Had my one cheat meal of the week in the form of brunch at my favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurant (again)–I got a breakfast burrito packed with protein, and we both got vegan coffee milkshakes! I was able to eat lightly for the rest of the day, but still couldn’t get the count down quite enough. I really wanted to do some HIIT to make up for it, but it was just too hot! Not to mention, I was pretty productive and got quite a bit of reading done after the midafternoon food coma wore off, so I don’t feel too lazy.

Vegan coffee milkshake with banana


Food Diary

Breakfast: (estimates)

  • Breakfast burrito: 600
  • Milkshake: 500


  • Apple with peanut butter; light cheese wedge: 270


  • Light cream cheese on rice cake: 80


  • Tea: 80


  • N/A

Total: 1520 |      Exercise: 245

Net: 1275

Protein: 71g 

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