Food & Exercise Diaries

October 8th Food Diary

Net calories – 1240

My instructor didn’t show up for weight lifting class, so the 3 of us ended up coming up with our own routine. We also decided to start lifting together once this class ends next week, which made me realize that I now have way more workout buddies than I have days in the week to work out… hopefully I’ll start doing 4 or 5 day splits soon so I can workout with everyone!

I’ve had a mac n cheese craving since yesterday, so I made a healthy, protein-filled, gluten free mac n cheese. No need to deprive oneself when it’s so easy to make lower cal alternatives 🙂

GF fusili mac n cheese with veggies

Food Diary


  • Protein pancake: 390


  • Kind bar: 190
  • Tea with soy: 45


  • Mac n cheese with cauliflower, kale, veggie sausage: 560


  • Banana chocolate oat protein cookies: 200


  • Protein shake: 250

Total: 1630   |      Exercise: 390

Net: 1240

Protein: 105g 

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