Food & Exercise Diaries

October 10th Food Diary

Net calories – 1820

I knew I’d be eating a bit more today due to a vegan potluck & movie screening, but I ended up going way overboard. I have this problem where I MUST try everything, especially since all the fellow cooks wanted my opinion–it was flattering, and I just couldn’t say no! Plus, I was one of the hosts, so I also felt a bit compelled because of that.

I thought I’d be okay because I didn’t think there would be so many dishes, but boy was I wrong. There was mock-tuna salad, ancient grains with kale, enchilada/bean bake, bagels, oatmeal cookies, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, banana chips, and the chocolate gingerbread donuts I brought. I had to try some of everything and all the pastries just added up 😦 I estimated the calories to be really high just in case, so hopefully it’s an overestimate.

The worst part–I didn’t manage to lift afterwards because my original workout buddy was only free during the potluck, I didn’t have time to ask other people once I figured that out, and I felt ill from all the food afterwards. So all those calories went to fat instead of muscle!

Ah well, lesson learned… I need to not eat everything.

This was only part of the spread as we were setting up!

Food Diary



  • Protein pancake with almond butter: 535


  • Vegan mini donut (taste test): 100
  • Rice cakes with cheese, tofurkey, and tomatoes: 200


  • Vegan potluck food mentioned above: 1250 (?)


  • Tea with soy: 40


  • N/A

Total: 2120   |      Exercise: 300

Net: 1820

Protein: 70g 

2 thoughts on “October 10th Food Diary”

  1. All the food looks and sounds delicious! I usually end up overeating at potlucks too. Hopefully your next few days will be great and it will make up for the extra calories today!


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