Food & Exercise Diaries

October 13th Food Diary

Net calories – 1355

Came up with a delicious bento lunch idea of avocado spring rolls! But my eating is still out of control… luckily it was a lifting day so hopefully much of the surplus will go towards muscle, but still. Eating 1800 is just too much!

Lately it’s been a good bit of stress eating, particularly because I’m struggling to find professors who aren’t way too busy to sponsor my honors thesis. Huge research universities mean tons of amazingly high powered professors, but also ridiculous amounts of students fighting to have contact with them! 😦

We did some crossfit-type stuff in lifting class and I wasn’t a huge fan… too much explosion for me in the snatch-something or other and the power clean and clean and jerk! (Who came up with these strange names, anyway?)

Avocado springrolls for lunch on the go: not exactly pleasing to the eye, but incredibly delicious, healthy, and low cal!


Food Diary


  • Protein pancake with almond butter: 470


  • Avocado spring rolls: 225
  • Think thin bar: 230


  • Lean pocket with extra cheese and veggie sausage: 440


  • Tea with soy: 45
  • Vegan brownie: 100


  • Whey: 60
  • Apple with cheddar, and peanut butter (separately!): 275

Total: 1835   |      Exercise: 480

Net: 1355

Protein: 102g 

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