Food & Exercise Diaries

October 16th Food Diary

Net calories – 920

Decided that today would be the first day of my cut! I tried to do a soft foods/liquid diet, but failed a bit because I realized it would be silly to not start eating my newly bought bread before it goes stale. Since I’m starting to head into the “puffy” zone–building muscle under fat without losing much fat–I’d like to try to continue lifting while going on a deficit. Hopefully newbie gains will tide me through and let me build a smidgen of muscle/strength in the process!

I also signed up for a Bod Pod test (appointment tomorrow morning) at long last… I’d been putting it off because of the cost, but finally decided it was essential to get an official body fat reading before my cut. I want to be able to know my progress after upcoming months of work!

I have been using calipers, but we’ll see how accurate I’ve been with them compared to the fancy science-fiction like technology (at least in how it looks–its actual measuring technique is pretty simple) that is the Bod Pod. I’ve also been interested to know a more official BMR/RMR estimate, because the fact that I gain on 1500 suggests that it’s much lower than the various online calculators have been telling me.

Food Diary


  • Oatmeal with protein powder and peanut butter: 470


  • Tomato soup: 265
  • Toast: 125


  • Tofurkey: 20
  • Carrots: 25


  • Chocolate: 75
  • Tea and hot chocolate: 210


  • N/A

Total: 1200   |      Exercise: 280

Net: 920

Protein: 83g 

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