Food & Exercise Diaries

October 17th Food Diary

Net calories – 1180

Got my Bod Pod test today. The good news: my caliper skills must be pretty phenomenal, because I had gotten the exact same body fat percentage reading: 29%.

The obvious bad news: I am 29% body fat. I’ve got 35 pounds of jiggly adipose all over me… and I need to get rid of about 15 pounds of it (and gain 5 pounds of muscle). Oh boy.

The horrifically bad news: the details are for a separate post, but… my RMR is incredibly low. So losing that body fat is 300 calories per day harder than I thought.

I was originally going to spend the day doubling down on diet mode, but my friend texted me asking me to get vegan cinnamon rolls after our meeting. At this point I decided that instead of being antisocial, I’d spend the day drowning my sorrows in food for one last hurrah before a month or two of cutting. Especially because Whole Food’s mac n cheese had been tempting me for so long, I just had to try it.

Amazingly enough, their mac n cheese is pretty bad! I MUCH prefer my own low cal/healthy cauliflower version, so it was a pretty great revelation to know I will never be tempted by their mac n cheese again. Also, I used those carbs + the incredibly carby cinnamon roll to fuel my lifting with other friends right afterwards, so it wasn’t a total loss. And I ended up walking about 8 miles in addition to the lifting so I still ended up at a deficit!

Unfortunately my cinnamon roll shots were pretty lackluster because of indoor lighting, but my friend got a cute selfie!

Crazy delicious vegan cinnamon rolls! (cropped out my friend for privacy purposes)
Crazy delicious vegan cinnamon rolls! (cropped out my friend for privacy purposes)


Food Diary


  • Toast with peanut butter: 170


  • Protein pancakes: 400


  • Mac n cheese + quorn: 400
  • Vegan cinnamon roll: 650


  • Vegan cookie at meeting: 130
  • Tea: 30


  • Got rid of more mac n cheese + quorn: 205

Total: 1985   |      Exercise: 805

Net: 1180

Protein: 82g 

2 thoughts on “October 17th Food Diary”

    1. Ahh, sorry I’m late! Thanks so much 🙂

      And the bod pod test at my university was $60–overpriced considering I have a gym membership, but still worth it as I’d never had it tested reliably before.


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