Food & Exercise Diaries

October 19th Food Diary

Net calories – 1360

I’ve realized that my times of worst munchies tend to occur the day after a workout, and generally are over by ~5pm. It’s logical, really. I’ve been eating more on workout days to fuel the lifting and whatnot, but now that I realize how long muscle really takes to recover, it makes much more sense for me to start having my higher calorie days be the day after lifting! Especially since I lift at night, it makes sense for me to be ravenous while my muscles are repairing in a ~24 hour+ window after the lifting.

So, potential new plan: I need to stop seeing days as individual/distinct units of time, because the body is much more fluid than that! I’m going to aim to eat bigger pre-workout dinners and post-workout breakfasts/lunches the next day, and smaller other meals. So it’ll look something like this:

Day 1:

  • Breakfast: small
  • Lunch: medium
  • Dinner: big (~400 cals)
  • 8pm Lifting followed by protein shake (if I have leftover calories)

Day 2:

  • Breakfast: big
  • Lunch: medium
  • Dinner: small
  • Cardio, bodyweight exercises, or rest

And repeat! Of course, I might end up doing a 4 day split so that messes up the alternation a bit, but the general concept holds: eat the most food directly before and for ~18 hours after resistance training. Since I’m starting a cut, my overall calorie goals are intakes of 1200 on lifting days and 1300 on post-lifting days, for an average intake of 1240 a day. Should result in a loss of ~.7 pounds a week! (I’ll do a more comprehensive post on this in the near future, I think)

In other news, I made buckwheat porridge for the first time… I think it’s my new favorite porridge. (Beating out quinoa, oats, and steel cut oats!)

Chocolate avocado buckwheat porridge… probably going to become a new addiction

Exercise: 30 minutes of bodyweight exercise; 2 mile walk

Food Diary


  • Buckwheat porridge: 435
  • Soy cappuccino: 65


  • Twice baked sweet potato; tofurkey; almond butter: 540


  • Corn on the cob, barbecue quorn, ranch beans n kale: 255


  • Banana oat protein cookie (homemade): 70
  • Carrot cake protein bar (homemade): 245


  • N/A

Total: 1610   |      Exercise: 250

Net: 1360

Protein: 89g 

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