Food & Exercise Diaries

October 21st Food Diary

Net calories – 990

I took my exam this morning, and had the best luck: I got an ocular migraine 10 minutes before it, so I was missing most of my right field of vision. A great thing to have during an essay-based test! Luckily it turned into a headache after 30 minutes so I could see again, but I felt pretty ill for a few hours. I could sense the migraine aura last night because I was getting tinnitus and weird head pressure, I just wish it didn’t decide to come on at such an unfortunate time.

Luckily I mostly recovered by 3, but still didn’t feel well enough to lift 😦 So I walked 2 miles to my favorite cafe instead, on top of all the walking around campus I’d already done. Hopefully I’ll get to lift tomorrow!

I also can’t wait for the stress eating to subside. At least I’m hoping it will soon, anyway.

Sadly not the best photo because of bad kitchen lighting, but I had to show off my 5 minute french toast!

Exercise: Walked 5 miles

Food Diary


  • Buckwheat porridge with avocado cream: 485


  • Paneer tikka masala: 345
  • Homemade carrot cake protein square: 65
  • Rice cake with chocolate chips: 85


  • Healthy french toast (7 grain flax bread, no sugar) with banana: 160


  • Tea: 40
  • Almond butter: 275 (throughout the day)


  • N/A

Total: 1450   |      Exercise: 460

Net: 990

Protein: 85g 

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