Food & Exercise Diaries

October 22nd Food Diary

Net calories – 960

It was my first day of decompressing post-midterm frenzy, and it felt good. I got to do some writing, my usual cooking, and most importantly finally got back to the gym after a 3 day break that was driving me nuts.

And I went hard! Perhaps a bit overboard, even–I did squats, romanian deadlifts, AND good mornings, which may have been overkill on my back. (Luckily the cable rows and overhead presses were fine, though.) My legs felt like bricks, and it felt amazing!

More tikka masala! Trying to get myself to eat the same dinner multiple nights in a row so I can grocery shop less/stop thinking about coming up with recipes 24/7


Exercise: Walked 4 miles + Lifting

Food Diary


  • Protein pancakes: 440


  • Date, and carrot cake protein squares: 150
  • Tea: 40


  • Paneer tikka masala: 340


  • Rice cake with almond butter: 175


  • Tofurkey and cheese: 55
  • Carrots, almonds: 100

Total: 1300   |      Exercise: 340

Net: 960

Protein: 81g 

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