Food & Exercise Diaries

October 23rd Food Diary

Net calories – 1410

I was originally going to do my usual 2 mile walk to my favorite cafe and whole foods, but obligations got in the way. 😦 My friend wanted to work out after class (which I sadly had to turn down since I needed time to make lunch/dinner when I was ravenous at 3), and I had my animal advocacy club’s screening of Cowspiracy at night, which I needed to help set up for. Then also realized I had to go with my friend to print out flyers I designed for the club since we’re going to be passing out literature at a food event tomorrow. Too many things to do!

I picked up some cashew butter to tide me over for a day without my whole foods almond butter, then at the movie screening… I went nuts. There were SO MANY VEGAN SNACKS. And such upsetting movie content. Crying over dying earth/animals + surrounded by snacks = engorging myself. The epitome of emotional eating. (But seriously, EVERYONE needs to see Cowspiracy. Everyone. Amazing production, and massive impact whether you already know the information or not.) Afterwards the directors came and answered questions, which made it even more awesome!

It’s also catalyzed my transition back into full veganism. As soon as I use up my current dairy/eggwhites, I’m going to try going back to plant-based everything. I’m hoping I can be healthier about it this time, because last time (last school year) I wasn’t getting certain nutrients because of my avoidance of grains. Sadly Christmas break will be impossible to be fully vegan, since my family thinks that my vegetarianism is “selfish,” let alone my veganism–they think the latter is selfish AND crazy. They know all the food I make for them is fantastic (or at least everyone always says so and pretty much asks me to live in the kitchen), but if I tell them it’s vegan, they immediately assume it’s horrible. You’d think that such well educated people would be less biased based on misinformation.

But anyways, I’m going to try my best.

Me with the club flyers I designed/printed before the event!

Exercise: Walked 5 miles

Food Diary


  • Protein pancakes: 420


  • Tea: 40
  • Paneer tikka masala, apple (3pm): 400


  • Buckwheat porridge (5pm) : 285


  • Peanut butter: 125
  • Vegan snacks like sweet potato chips, nut butter cups, butter free popcorn: 565


  • N/A

Total: 1855   |      Exercise: 445

Net: 1410

Protein: 80g 

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