Food & Exercise Diaries

October 25th Food Diary

Net calories – 720

Based on getting a big order this weekend, I made a big decision: I finally ordered a Vitamix! My vegan friends have been raving about them and telling me to get one for ages, and because my client photoshoot this weekend covers the cost (I love my clients! <3), I finally shelled out for a $330 reconditioned one. It’s amazing they offer such a deal, considering the brand new model is $430–reconditioned ones are just like new but were either lightly used at demonstrations, or returned by someone within the 30 day grace period. A hundred dollars is totally worth the possibility of a scuff or two!

Depending on how much I fall in love with it (I have a feeling I’ll be very, very in love with it), I’m considering trying a 30 day juice challenge of sorts by making new green smoothies every day!

In less exciting news, I felt easily fatigued and weak today while lifting–I have a feeling it’s the calorie deficit and my rather lackluster food choices this morning. But I still finished my planned routine (at lightning speed, somehow.. perhaps I just wasn’t resting long enough) despite it. Can’t wait to lose the fat and get back into muscle building mode.

Scrumptious and nutritious 10 minute dinner!

Exercise: Walked 5 miles + lifting

Food Diary


  • Soy americano: 20
  • Chocolate hazelnut croissant: 320


  • Dates dipped in cashew butter (throughout the day): 360
  • Rice cake with tofurkey: 75


  • Stewed pinto beans with kale, over cauli rice: 260


  • Almond butter: 95
  • Homemade carrot cake protein bar: 90


  • N/A

Total: 1210   |      Exercise: 490

Net: 720

Protein: 45g 

2 thoughts on “October 25th Food Diary”

    1. Ahh I can’t wait for mine! Everyone I’ve come across who owns one can say nothing but how much they love it… can’t wait to be able to say the same 🙂


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