Food & Exercise Diaries

October 28th Food Diary

Net calories – 70

That’s not a typo: I managed to net SEVENTY calories! It wasn’t intentional, but things just worked out that way because I decided to try a bit of intermittent fasting and exercised a lot. Also, that doesn’t even include the calories burned from lifting, so I probably came out negative! (That is, I probably burned off what I ate with just physical activity beyond my BMR)

And I felt good all day long! (Despite that time of the month, in fact.) I waited to eat til noon besides a coffee with almond milk in the morning, and even managed to do well on the calorie count despite going for a chocolate biscotti later while writing at my favorite cafe.

And most importantly, my Vitamix arrived today!! Once I got the mail room notification, I walked a 9-minute mile to get home right before the mailroom closed (it has horrendously short hours). I made my first savory green smoothie, but made the mistake of adding extra-firm tofu because it’s all I had and I wanted some extra pre-workout protein. So the smoothie had horrible texture and I could only drink half of it–time to pick up some silken tofu! I made up for it with a super delicious almond milk-date-maca shake afterwards, though. 🙂

Despite such a deficit, I still managed to kill it at the gym and had one of the best workouts ever–1.5 hours of lifting followed by 30 minutes of HIIT because I still had so much energy to get out. I couldn’t even stop moving once I got home, I just wanted to keep going!

My Sunwarrior vegan protein also arrived early–lucky day!

Exercise: Walked 7 miles + lifting + HIIT

Food Diary


  • Almond milk, soy creamer, cocoa powder: 85


  • Seitan tikka masala: 240
  • Almond butter + chocolate chips: 220


  • Savory green smoothie: 180
  • Almond milk date shake: 110


  • Tea: 45
  • Biscotti: 145


  • N/A

Total: 1020   |      Exercise: 950

Net: 70

Protein: 60g 

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