Food & Exercise Diaries

October 30th Food Diary

Net calories – 600

Another super productive day! And I also got amazing news–I was worried about my anthro exam since I haven’t done essay-based exams in quite a long time as a science major, so I was considering pass/no-passing (grading option) the class if I didn’t get a solid A on the first midterm. The pass-no pass deadline was today too, so that threw in some stress since I didn’t know my grade yet!

Thankfully we got them back just in time, and I ended up getting 100%, with a note written that I was “easily the best in the class” and that my essays were “beautifully written”–I was just over the moon with gratitude! Especially in a class of 200 mostly-anthro majors… I just couldn’t believe it. I feel like my healthier lifestyle is transferring over everywhere, since my midterm grades have now been 100%, 96%, 99%, and 100% (at UC Berkeley, no less!) Sorry to sound obnoxious, I’m just so grateful and excited about it… a healthier mindset and healthier diet is leading to all sorts of wonderful things. ❤

I feel much more energized and yet peaceful, so I’m getting a lot done without stressing out about it! Like today, I went to class, wrote 2000 words of my novel, went grocery shopping, walked 8 miles, had a 1.5 hour workout, and made raw pumpkin pie for a potluck tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I’m already 10,000 words into a novel I started last week! Nanowrimo, here I come 🙂

Crazy good nana ice cream!

Exercise: Walked 8 miles + lifting

Food Diary


  • Protein pancakes: 430


  • Strawberry-avocado nana ice cream: 335


  • Flax bread with homemade walnut and apple butters: 390


  • Tea: 60
  • Tastes of the pumpkin pie I was cooking: 140


  • Strawberry banana smoothie: 140

Total: 1510   |      Exercise: 910

Net: 600

Protein: 73g 

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